We cover all services from Real Estate to Lifestyle and more – just use your imagination and we will operate within the rules as laid down for commercial UAV operators by the Civil Aviation Authority and see if it’s feasible, and if it can be formally accepted. Examples include: Residential images, Estate agent images, Commercial and industrial premises images, Building/roof Inspection images Promotional images, Nature and wildlife, Tall structure inspections (e.g. chimneys), Agriculture, Support to police and fire services in incident imagery, Research, Wind turbine inspections, Solar Panels, Hotels and leisure industry promotional images, Tourism images, Golf course promotional images and videos, Media, Special events, Group photography, Construction monitoring images, Security, Line of Sight applications.

AERIAL Photography

At AIRPIX AERIAL IMAGES our high resolution aerial photography gives you completely new perspectives and can be used for a variety of applications.

AERIAL Videography

We use cutting edge UAV/drone technology to create ultra smooth HD & 4K aerial video that will make your business or project stand out from the rest.


Editing Services

From the visualisation of your project to the final cut, we can provide for all of your post-production and editing needs to the highest standards.